Mike is founder and co-owner of iConcepts Marketing, LLC and has an extensive background in online marketing and project management. His philosophy is, one size does not fit all… He believes that listening closely to our client’s mid to long range goals is the key to achieving success with any marketing project.

He understands that business owners are constantly promised spectacular results and are often disappointed when acceptable results are not achieved. “Our goal is to not promise results and under-deliver, but rather, establish realistic goals and far exceed expectations.” Mike has a demonstrated ability to fully understand the challenges faced by business owners and works diligently to improve our clients’ achievements.


Mark is co-owner of iConcepts Marketing, LLC. Mark has created and developed several successful businesses. He brings a unique ground up perspective as to what it takes to make a company successful.

By putting many years of marketing experience and the ability to create individualized strategies, he can help your company achieve your realistic goals. His make it happen attitude will facilitate your goals to realization. That’s what we want…that’s what you want.


Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon Update for Local Search It had to happen, and it has. The most recent Google update, named Pigeon, is focused on local search results, and it has had some rather wide reaching effects. The stated aim of this update is to more closely tie local results with what the standard web ranking signals are. This is presumably done to make rankings more consistent, and increase the quality of … CONTINUE READING

Your Business on Facebook

How to Run Your Business on Facebook without Hurting Anyone! We all know that Facebook has a tremendous reach, and that it has enormous potential for your business. What you may not know is how you can effectively use Facebook in your business. There are some definite do's and don'ts with regards to using Facebook for business, and the thing you don't want to do is to have yourself or worse, your … CONTINUE READING

Does Twitter Work for Businesses

Should You Be Marketing Your Business on Twitter? Perhaps like many other small business people you have been either confused or on the fence about the comparable value of using Twitter in your marketing efforts. This is understandable, given that at first glance it looks to be nothing more than a great way to kill some time, with very little return on investment of your time and money. The … CONTINUE READING

Instagram for Business

Cool Tips for Marketing with Instagram Have you thought about using Instagram for anything other than posting the latest photos you take? Perhaps using it for a business purpose? We might have the (mistaken) notion that all Instagram is good for is the posting of endless selfies and memes, even though the truth is that Instagram is a great deal more than this. 7 Ways for you to use Instagram in … CONTINUE READING

Are Your Visitors Engaged

Are Your Site Visitors Abandoning You at an Alarming Rate? Considering all the work it takes to get visitors to your site to begin with, does it make any sense to have practices in place which are driving them away in a heartbeat? Of course not, and there are specific easy remedies for these missteps. Let's take a look at some of these and how you can fix them. Why people run from your site and … CONTINUE READING

Use of Color in Your Website and Marketing

Color plays a big part in the minds of people, and have particular application as it pertains to evoking certain emotional responses we want to see happen, say for instance on our sales pages! The psychology of color offers us a great deal of data to digest. This data shows us specific choices we can make regarding colors for our web pages, marketing pieces, buy buttons and a lot more. Even though … CONTINUE READING

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